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After a more heated discussion about How do I choose a 10-year-old washing machine? I decided to contact an expert. My conversation with a friend had turned on because of differences of opinion. He said it was silly to give too much money on a washing machine because they all do the same.
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On the other hand, I told her there were major differences, from consumption to washing and drying programs.

Finally, I had little to support my ideas than technical specifications, specifications that my friend only thinks of stuffing and taking the money.

My experience advised me when I supported my ideas, but I said that it would be good to ask for an expert, I turned to Vali. Vali has the Bacau Machine and Refrigerator service.

I sent to Vali the following questions:

Washer: What are the main criteria for choosing a washing machine?
Vali: It will look absurd to me, but I do not have technical specifications first. I do not have cars with broken programs, but broken cars.

Washer: Then what should we look at first?
Vali: Because of the washing process, these machines “break up in time”. They must have thick, non-tear drums, as most of the aluminum elements should be careful about phosphate-containing detergents.
Washer: Suppose I’m a simple man who does not know how to identify these elements, what should I do?
Vali: First rule: Buy a washing machine with a high load capacity, maybe 8-10 kg. Even if you do not need it, these machines are more resistant, they are built to withstand a higher load capacity. You should also have a speed selector, if you have a little squeezing it is pointless to leave the speed in the normal wash program.

Washer: And what brands meet the conditions of resistance or otherwise formulated: What are the most rare brands that come to your service?
Vali: There are established brands and new quality brands. However, the first criterion, when you buy the car, is to have a 5 year warranty promotion, so 50% of the proposed lifetime. Then choose BOSCH, Zanussi (Electrolux is all zanussi), Samsung or LG. I would never have put Samsung or LG here, but what models I have seen lately and the fact that I have never had anything to do now makes me think they are good.

Washer: There are other models, not necessarily cheaper, such as Whirlpool, Hansa, Artic, Beko … it’s full of them.
Vali: It’s kind of full of them, my service the same. But that’s because people always choose low price and swollen specifications. In all these companies, we most often find those with a capacity of 6kg, few programs, dumb-ejected discharges that break the machine, thin tambourines that give up. I do not say it could not be good, the consumer does not know how to buy. All brands have worse cars and all have their customers.

Washer: Is water consumption and current consumption an essential criterion?
Vali: Current consumption was not that important, but nowadays all the devices in the house are connected to the mains and so any extra consumer counts a lot at the end of the month. The water is a very important consumer, there are washing machines that are consuming a lot.

Finally, we asked Vali to recommend three washing machines that fall on his expert criteria, my request was to balance his requirements with a budget as small as possible.

Masina de spalat rufe Samsung Eco Bubble

Washing Machine Samsung Add Wash     

  • Display Type: LCD     
  • capacity: 8KG     
  • energy class A +++    
  •  Rotation: 1400 RPM    
  •  Average consumption per liter / year: 7400 
  • Warranty: 24 months

See details Samsung Eco Bubble Add Wash


Washing Machine Electrolux EWS Time Manager

  • Display Tipe : LCD
  • capacity : 7KG
  • energy class A+++
  • Ratation : 1200 RPM
  • Average consumption per liter/year: 9999
  • Warranty : 24 Luni

See complete details for Electrolux

Masina de spalat rufe LG FH2B8TD

Washing Machine LG SpaSteam

  • Display Tipe : LED
  • capacity :7 KG
  • energy class A+++
  • Rotation :1200 RPM
  • Average consumption per liter/year: 10700/li>
  • Warranty : 10 ani for motor
  • Motor Inverter DirectDrive

See details LG FH

Of all these models, Vali recommends based on the LG FH2B8TD washing machine but Samsung is among the best-selling washing machines through this blog.

And yet Electrolux has gained much ground in recent years, now it has inverter engines like Miele or AEG.

Samsung sold its printer division to HP in September, now plans to sell the PCs division to Lenovo.

This is a sign that the giant is increasingly focusing on innovating articles.

But it is obvious that if we talk about the best washing machine, we look at other brands and other brands.

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Update: Because Florin is very excited about his Gorenje washing machine, we included the model he bought (the one he talks about in the comments below) in this article and you can also track the story of this washing machine.

Florin explains how he started to look, how he removed other models, and what made him choose Gorenje.
Story : Opinion Gorenje W8544N/I and how to choose a washing machine

Masina de spalat rufe Gorenje W8544N

Washing Machine Gorenje W8

  • dispaly Tipe : LED
  • capacity : 8KG
  • energy class A+++
  • Rotation : 1400 RPM
  • Average consumption per liter/year: 10309
  • GWarranty : 24 Luni

Take the offer Gorenje W8


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